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From the Directors

Welcome to Hebrew Gems website,

Hebrew Gems is an innovative after school program located in Caulfield, Melbourne that offers a warm and lively atmosphere where children can attain a unique and exciting awareness of their Jewish identity.

Our students gain an appreciation for the joys, values and traditions of our heritage and Hebrew language as our dedicated and enthusiastic teachers vividly bring them to life. The creativity and dynamism will make every lesson a unique learning experience.

Our school’s most underlying approach is for the children to enjoy the time spent at Hebrew School so that they are left with positive feelings and fond memories of their Jewish education.

Our program is thus carefully blended with games, songs, incentives, arts and crafts, audio-visual presentations, dramatics, family celebrations and other exciting co-curricular activities.


Marvel at your children’s enthusiasm as they actually look forward to this fun-filled Hebrew school. Here, they will absorb the richness of their heritage, Jewish values and learn to read and write the Hebrew language.

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We encourage you, as parents to get involved, ask questions and keep in touch with our Hebrew School. You may discover that your child’s Hebrew School education will add an enriching spiritual dimension to the lives of your entire family.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on 9532 7299 or 0430 087 879 or email [email protected]

Moshe & Chana Loebenstein, Hebrew Gems Directors


Our Goals

Our philosophy is that every Jewish child is entitled to a Jewish education. We were privileged to be able to open a Hebrew School in the heart of Melbourne’s Jewish community – Caulfield.
Our vision for every Hebrew Gems student:
-To attain a strong sense of love and pride in Judaism.
-To appreciate that being Jewish is a joy and enriches our lives.
-Discover & explore the Torah (Bible), the incredible history of the Jewish people & see its relevance in today's day & age
-Gain an understanding of the, Mitzvot, practices & traditions of Judaism.
-Master Hebrew reading & writing skills.
-Understand basic Hebrew words.
-Learn basic prayers so that the students will feel comfortable when attending services.
-Identify with the land of Israel and its inhabitants.
-Experience the Hands-on Heritage series for all Jewish holidays.
-Encourage students to express their opinions and questions.
-Attain a “Jewish” perspective on life and maintain Jewish feelings and involvement beyond the years at Hebrew School and ultimately perpetuate this onto future generations.
-Indeed, a child equipped with an education and a feeling for Judaism’s beautiful teachings, traditions, and historical lessons is a child better equipped to face the moral challenges of today’s society.
-Our Hebrew School’s underlying approach is for the children to enjoy the time spent so that they are left with positive feelings and fond memories of their Jewish education.



All our teachers are experienced and exceptional who sincerely care about the wellbeing and educational development of their students. With one look into a class it’s evident that the teachers are excited and enthusiastic about the teaching opportunity, it’s a beautiful sight watching the students and teachers enthusiastically meet each other each week.

Our program is thus carefully blended with songs, games, incentives, arts and crafts, drama, field trips, family celebrations and other exciting co-curricular activities.



It’s critical that every student feel they are receiving the attention they need and are given the best opportunity possible to grow and develop their Hebrew language, Jewish knowledge and of course their jewish pride. To best obtain this we keep classes small, between 5 and 10 students per class (5-10 depends on age and students).


Teaching methods

After a long day of school we understand students are tired and have no interest or attention to sit through a 90 minute class with worksheets. That’s why every class is carefully blended with crafts, multimedia presentations, drama, cooking, activities to enhance and enjoy the learning and more. At the start of Hebrew Gems students run to Hebrew School, their warmly greeted by their teachers and treated to fruit, vegetables and biscuits before beginning their class.



Incentive system


In order to create a truly positive and inspiring environment minimizing the need for discipline and ensuring students have only positive memories of their weekly Jewish program we have developed a five star incentive system. On the first week of Hebrew School every student is allocated their own container in the Mitzvah Prize Bank, throughout the class their teacher gives out mitzvah tokens to the students for behavior, participation and great work. Students are then able to redeem their token for prizes – students just love it!

IMG_7165.jpgHand on heritage

The Hands on Heritage Program is something that the students eagerly look forward to as an upcoming chag/festival approaches. Each festival is brought to life through the HOH program.

Pesach – Matzah Bakery, Students make their own hand made matzah just like in Egypt with the HOH Matzah Bakery!
Pesach - Model Seder with parents and grandparents invited to join!
Rosh Hashanah – Students make a real usable shofar from a raw goats or rams horn with the HOH Shofar factory!
Chanukah – Students make pure olive oil with an ancient olive press, the test to see if it works comes at the end of HOH Olive press show when the Chanukia is lit with that freshly squeezed olive oil.
Purim - A live travelling Purim play with lights, sound and actors bring the Purim story to life!

20140324_172933(0) - Copy.jpgHebrew Curriculum

Aleph Champ:
We use the world acclaimed Aleph Champ program. Students enthusiastically learn to read Hebrew with the AC Program. Aleph Champ is based on the martial arts motivational philosophy of color coded levels and testing. To read more about the program please visit the program site by clicking here.

Aleph Champ Online at home:
We are also one of the select Hebrew schools worldwide who have been privileged to use the Aleph Champ student online Hebrew Program where students can practice their Hebrew via online games and activities and accumulate points in their online Aleph Champ account – click here to see.

IMG_1954.jpgOn on One Hebrew
During the Hebrew portion of the program every class has a Hebrew tutor that reads Hebrew one on one with the students keeping track of their development and ensure they are making progress.

book.pngAdventure with Aleph:
Hebrew Gems has developed a new Hebrew curriculum – Adventure with Alef, the program helps children remember their Hebrew letter in a more exciting manner allowing them to speedily remember their letters through its visuals. more details about Adventure with Alef can be found online at www.adventurewithalef.com

photo 2.jpgGeneral Information

Our program is designed for children from Prep - Grade 6, followed by the Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program.
All children are welcome – Children from a variety of backgrounds are currently enrolled from over 8 different public and private schools from across Melbourne.

Times and dates:
Classes are held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday evenings from 4.00 - 5.30pm in Caulfield. (The first 45 minutes of each class is focused on the Hebrew reading and writing program followed by the second 45 minutes of the Jewish lessons curriculum).
Students attend one day a week, days and classes are subject to availability.
The annual Hebrew Gems calendar follows the Victorian public school term dates with the exception of Jewish festivals. Upon registration, you will receive a yearly calendar with all the exact dates and other Hebrew Gems information.
At the start of the year an orientation evening will be held for parents outlining the program and is an opportunity for parents to meet all the teachers, discuss their children and ask questions.
Snacks are provided each week as most children come directly from school.

Registrations can be done online click here.

The cost of Hebrew School is $150 per term.
There is no annual commitment.
Every Jewish child is entitled to a Jewish education, please speak to us if the fees are beyond your means and we will happily ensure your child is a part of Hebrew Gems.

We strongly encourage close communication between school staff and parents in order to give the students the best learning experience possible.

A weekly newsletter is emailed containing what the students have learnt that week, news around the school, photos and upcoming events or announcements.

app.jpgWe have a Hebrew Gems app that can easily be downloaded for iphones and androids.

The app contains weekly questions and answers for every class that you can quiz your children on. Photos and Hebrew gems news can be accessed through the app as well as Hebrew reading activities.

Your child’s safety is our number one priority; we will ensure Hebrew Gems environment is the safest environment possible. The director, Moshe Loebenstein is trained in level two first aid and undergone an anaphylactic training and awareness course.

Moshe has also undergone a course from ChildWise and attends monthly meetings with the “Safe Guarding Children” organization ensuring our programs, policies and staff are trained and educated to ensure that all children attending our youth programs are given the best care in the safest environment possible.

To read more about the SGC program that we are undergoing accreditation for, please click here.
To read more about the Childwise program click here.

If you have any safety questions or to request a copy of our policies please email us or call us on 9532 7299.

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