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Your child’s safety is our number one priority; we will ensure the Day Camp's environment is the safest environment possible. The director, Moshe Loebenstein is trained in level two first aid and undergone an anaphylactic training and awareness course. Moshe who will be running the program, has also undergone a course from ChildWise and is involved with the Safe Guarding Children organization and attends monthly meeting to ensure our programs, policies and staff are trained and educated to ensuring that all children attending our youth programs are given the best care in the safest environment possible.

Below is a brief summary of safety items addressing the most common safety questions.
If there are any further questions please email us or call us on 9532 7299.

• Child / Staff Ratio – A ratio of one staff for every five children is what sets us apart; every child attending the GEMS day camp feels secure and is given all the personal attention and care they need.

• We have a zero tolerance to a breach of any one of our policies.

• An example of a policy: A staff member is never, under no circumstances allowed to be alone with a child, co-counsellors have a shared responsibility in ensuring they are with their co-counsellor and entire group at all times, preventing the situation to occur even accidentally.

• All staff have had past experienced, they are selectively chosen and attends camp with a passion.

• On trips: Two staff are assigned to a group of 10 Children. Children are never left alone on trips and throughout the day at Chabad. Two additional staff members constantly roam the trip grounds ensuring all groups are safe, they are also available if extra help is required. Counsellors are responsible to ensure the children that are assigned to them are constantly with them and the group at all times, if a child needs the toilet the counsellors will take the entire group, they will check the toilets to ensure its safe.

• Besides catered lunches, snatches and drinks are provided throughout the day. Each counsellor will personally ensure the children in their bunk have had lunch, snacks and drinks.

• When you register your child, you will be asked to fill out a field called, “Does your child have any medical conditions or allergies” if there are any conditions, please call us to discuss a medical plan in case of emergency or send a medical management plan prior to camp.

• We have zero tolerance towards bulling – parents will be called if a child continues after a single warning.

• Transport – We will be taking coach buses on all our trips. (eg. Victoria touring)