Our Goals

The environment

·       Is safe and secure. Automated front entry gates for cars and pedestrians are in place to ensure maximum security at the centre. Exit doors have been fitted with closures and the door handles are placed 1.8 metres above the ground to ensure the children can not leave the premises without an adult. An additional gate has been erected in front of the main entrance of the building as an extra precaution.

·       Is welcoming to all parents and children and other family members and has a friendly, trusting and supportive atmosphere.

The program

·       Teaches and promotes a love of Judaism - Jewish values, customs and traditions, along with an integrated general program following the guidelines of the EYLF - Early Years Learning Framework.

The children

·       Develop a sense of pride in being Jewish and acquire knowledge of Jewish themes.

·       Are able to make their needs known and express their feelings.

·       Are able to form trusting relationships with staff and peers.

·       Are able to make choices within the program based guidelines of the EYLF - Early Years Learning Framework

·       Are involved in daily routines, such as packing away, clearing lunch tables.

·       Have their behaviour guided by encouraging self esteem, promoting a sense of belonging and by using a consistent approach within the centre.

·       Are supported by staff to understand and accept differences in others.

The parents

·       Are to be provided with opportunities and encouraged to become involved in the centre e.g.  through social functions, information nights, participation and involvement in evaluation.

·       Are able to express their concerns, share information about their children and to inquire from the staff.

·       Are encouraged to support staff by providing feedback about their children.

·       Are valued as having unique background experiences and child rearing practices.

The staff

·       Are committed to the provision of quality programs and a Jewish education.   They provide input into planning, implementation and evaluation of these programs.

·       Respect children as individuals and members of a group and assist them to learn and develop.

·       Accept all families as having unique experiences and practices. At all times are non-judgmental, rather respectful of parents and supportive of their choices.

·       Support each other in all their duties and respect each others ideas and contributions.

Role of management

The management's role is to be responsible for the running of the centre.  It is also to support the co-ordinator, the staff who are employed and the families who use the centre.

The main function of management is to

.   provide a safe, non-threatening, happy environment for all those who use the centre.

·       Ensure the policies relating to the provision of quality care at Chabad Glen Eira Crèche are developed and maintained in accordance with the Child Care regulations and Accreditation standards.

·       Assist in the planning and organisation of special activities for children and families who use the centre.

·       Ensure the children’s programs are developed in accordance with the Jewish calendar and is stimulating and challenging for all age groups, with special attention given to each individual child as well as the group’s needs.