Our Program

Children at the centre are provided with a varied and stimulating planned activity program, aimed at further developing their social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth in an enjoyable and challenging manner. Above is based on the guidelines of the EYLF - Early Years Learning Framework

Jewish Themes

Our centre teaches and promotes a love of Judaism and Jewish values in conjunction with a general curriculum.  The culture, laws, and customs are taught through song, story, art and drama.  We present an integrated program.  Themes focus around the Jewish calendar, Tefila (prayers) and brachot (blessings for food) are recited daily.  Children participate actively in morning prayers and in the weekly Shabbat Party.

Family grouping times

Family grouping means a time frame when all children from all ages are together.  Generally at this centre these times are between 8.00am to 9.00pm and 4.00 to 5.30pm.  Usually family grouping occurs at the beginning and end of each day as ratios of staff and children are decreased.

Family grouping provides opportunities for younger children to learn from older children.  It also allows older children to show empathy towards younger children which is especially helpful when a new baby comes along.

Settling your child into day care


When you bring your child to the centre, please bring children into the play area and make sure a staff member is aware of your child’s arrival.  Never leave a child alone in an area where staff may not be aware of your child's presence.

Children's cubbies are located outside or inside each room where bags should be put away.  Fruit brought from home should be placed in the basket on the cubbies.

·       Please label all lunch boxes and drink bottles with your child’s name.

·       All children’s medication, clearly labeled with your child’s name, in original bottle must be placed in the medical cupboard in the co-ordinator’s office. Medication requiring refrigeration, is to be placed in the fridge in the kitchen.

·       Please complete the appropriate medication instruction form located by the sign-in book.

·       Chabad Glen Eira Crèche is a NUT FREE centre.  Due to some children being highly allergic to nuts we ask parents please to refrain from giving their children anything that might contain nuts. 

Staff members are available to pass on information about your child’s food or sleep requirements for the day verbally or you can record this information in the communication book outside your child's room.

If you are concerned how your child settled in on a particular day, please feel comfortable to phone the centre to see how they are.


When collecting your child, please come into the room or play area and make sure staff are aware of your child’s departure and sign your child out of the appropriate room.  A child will not be released to anyone who does not have prior authority from the parent to collect the child.  The person must be listed on the enrolment form or the parent must phone and inform the centre of who will be collecting your child. Personal identification may need to be provided if staff or the children are unfamiliar of the person.

 We encourage you to come in and see what your child did that day and talk to the staff about it.  Children are always eager to show you what they have done during the day. You also need to check your child’s locker regularly for arts and crafts, dirty clothing and bedding which we require you take home to wash weekly.

Attendance records

Parents must enter their child’s full name and time of arrival and departure and record their signature in the attendance records each day the child attends. These are located on the children’s cubbies located inside or outside the children’s rooms.  On departure, parents should locate their child’s name and sign the attendance records indicating they have the collected their child and the time they did so.  In the event of an emergency, such as fire, the attendance records are our primary source of who is in the building at any given time of the day.

Policy for non-collection of children

In the event that a parent is late and cannot be contacted, the following procedure will be implemented:-

·       After 5.45pm, staff will attempt to contact parents

·       At 6.00pm, staff will attempt to contact all of the emergency contacts nominated by parents.

·       If by 6.15pm, contact has not been made with a parent or emergency person, the staff will take with the child to the Rabbi’s house at 230 Kooyong Road Caulfield. A note with an address and telephone number will be left on the door of the crèche.

·       If contact has not been made by 9.00pm, the Department of Health and Family Services will be notified.

The above procedures were designed in the best interests of the child in mind. It is frightening for children and staff to remain on the premises for indeterminate time until someone arrives to collect the child.

Talking with your child about their day

Children find it difficult to respond to parents when they ask “How was your day?” or “What did you do today?” These questions are too broad for children to answer properly.  Try specific questions like “Who did you play with today?” Or “Did you sing any songs today?”  This will start the ball rolling and help your child tell you about their day.