Fees & Payment


The cost of 1 day is $145. This includes nappies, sunscreen, hot lunch, morning and afternoon snacks                  

Please note that our policy is full days only. Whether you child stays the whole or part of the day the rate remains the same. We also only accept a minimum attendance of 2 days per week.


Payment of fees is required every fortnight.

Payments can be made in the following 2 ways only:

1. We will deduct regularly from your Credit card (all major credit cards accepted excluding Amex & Diners Club). You must leave your credit card details with us when enrolling or at the beginning of the year so we can deduct payments every fortnight. Please complete and sign a form available at reception for this option.

2. Periodical Bank transfers. Please set up with your bank (you can do it on online banking) a periodical payment schedule to pay your fees into Chabad House Glen Eira's bank account (details below) every fortnight.

Bank Details

Chabad House Glen Eira

BSB - 033169

Account No. - 186518 

In you have two children at our crèche, fees for the first child are at the standard rates, while the second child receives 10% discount.

Holidays / illnesses

Full fees are payable when children are absent from the centre due to being on holidays, sickness or a general day off from crèche. Unfortunately we are unable to offer make up and swapping days.  If you require extra care due to special circumstance, please contact the co-ordinator. Advance notice is required if children are going to be absent due to holidays.  If your child is going to be absent due to illness please inform the centre on that day.

Term i nating your place

One month’s notice in writing with full payment must be given to the centre when terminating your place or decreasing the amount of days you require.  Full fees must be paid up until the last day of crèche.  When terminating care at the end of a year, full fees are payable to the end of the year unless the child has left before November 1st.

Late fees

Parents are required to collect their children by 5.30pm Monday to Thursday and by 4.00pm (or 3,30pm during winter) on Friday.  Late collection of children will result in a late fine being issued at a rate of $1.00 per minute.  This fee will be payable in cash to the co-ordinator and is to cover overtime wages.  Exceptional circumstances will be discussed.

Parents should notify the centre if a late pick up is anticipated.  The centre can then organise staff overtime, ensure staff do not phone emergency contacts and can reassure your child that everything is all right.

Child Care Benefits

Child Care Benefit (CCB) is a payment made to families to assist with the cost of child care.

Families using approved childcare are able to choose to receive CCB through fee reductions OR as a lump sum payment after the Australian Taxation Office has processed their tax return.   For families choosing the fee reduction option, the level of reduction is based on their combined estimated taxable income for the year in which care was received.  To claim this reduction, families need to contact the Family Assistance Office (Centrelink) direct on 13 61 50 to lodge a claim for Child Care Benefit. They will send you a form to complete and return. Please inform them of our Provider No. 407 196 190L.

It is imperative that you inform the centre if you have other siblings listed on the assessment notice who are attending another approved child care service or if you have a child attending Chabad Glen Eira Crèche and they are also attending another approved child care service.  All children receiving CCB have 30 allowable absences per calendar year, excluding absences with a doctor’s certificate for which there is no limit.

For families who choose not to receive the fee reduction, a customer reference number form will be completed on your behalf and sent to FAO, and thus enabling to claim the reduced fees as a lump sum at the end of the financial year. 

Please make all your arrangements with the Family Assistance Office well before your commencement date at crèche, thus enabling the centre to reduce your fees upon your child’s commencement at crèche.

Child Care Rebate

All parents (even those not receiving Child Care Benefits (ie reduction in fees) will receive a 50% Government rebate up to (but not more than) $7000 per child per year. For more information, please speak to our secretary at the office.