If you wish to enrol your child, please first contact the Co-ordinator to arrange a visit to the creche. If the centre can place your child and you wish to take up that place, you will be required to complete an enrolment form.  This form must be completed with all details and returned to the centre, together with your non-refundable enrolment fee of $250 (we will charge your card or bank your cheque only if and once you get accepted to the creche).

This form contains important information and authorisation required by regulation and indicates your acceptance of our policies.  Please inform the co-ordinator of any changes to these throughout the year.  In an emergency, details which are not current will make contact with you difficult and cause undue stress to you and your child.

Orientation visits

Orientation visits are opportunities to spend small periods of time at the centre to help parents and children become familiar with the environment and staff before day care placement begins.  Parents are obliged to remain in the building for the three visits that the Co-ordinator will organize for you.   Your non-refundable enrolment fee of $200 covers also these visits. Regular fees will then be charged as per your child’s days.

Children are able to participate in activities, get to know the staff and other children and become acquainted with their environment.  Familiarity with the centre will ease feelings of anxiety when it comes time to leave your child on the first day of care.