The Kids Shul Club is an exciting Shabbat children’s program that takes place every week!

What age is the Kids Shul Club for?
The club is for ages 5 -13 and is divided into 3 divisions according to age.

When and Where?
The KSC takes place every Shabbat and Yom Tov at Chabad House Glen Eira (484 Glen Eira Rd) Between 11.00am and 12.15pm

What Happens at the Club
- The club is filled with exciting and innovative games that is enjoyed by all!
- Through activities the children learn the weekly Parsha and Prayer.
- The club finishes with refreshments and story
- Points for prizes are given out every week!
- And most of all, come, be with your friends and have a great time!

Points, Prizes and Raffles!
Children who sign up and come to the Kids Shul Club will receive points cards every week.

Points cards accumulated through the Kids Shul Club can be processed and redeemed for prizes online (after Shabbat)

The points will be displayed on the Shul notice board, and will be updated weekly. Points can also be checked and redeemed online on the Kiosk.

Make sure to sign your child into the Kids Shul Club for him/her to start earning points!
Click here to sign up!

For more information please call either 9532 7299 or 0430 087 879 or email