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   What is our Vision?

Our vision is to create a Jewish Outreach Centre - including a Family Shul, a Creche and a Youth Centre – that provides the most genuinely warm, caring, , inspiring,  empowering & exciting environment for families and individuals in the broader Caulfield area to grow, learn and connect to each and our Jewish heritage


What makes us Unique?

We will be unique by creating an environment where Jewish families and individuals will feel genuine warmth and be most excited & inspired


What are our Values?

We will uphold a number of critical values including:

 ·        we will interact with participants and staff of the Centre with a personal, warm & caring approach and with utmost respect and non-judgemental attitude to each individual

·        to maintain a welcoming and friendly (heimish) environment

·        to empower and inspire all participants and staff

·        to value smart and effective work (rather than just hard work)

·        to be responsible and accountable for results of the work


 What are our Goals?

We will know we’ve achieved our goals if we see a significant growth of Jewish families and individuals connecting with our heritage and with each other and becoming more involved in Jewish life and practice

The Philosophy of Chabad – in Short

 It is with a genuine love and unquestioning acceptance of every Jew that the integral philosophy of Chabad-Lubavitch forever remains that all Jews have an irreplaceable role.

It has been said that G‑d is both the love of one's fellow and  sincerity in learning and practice. For over 200 years, the Chabad Rebbes enhanced this and have taught the essence of  worshipping.

Under the leadership of "the Rebbe", Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of blessed memory, Chabad-Lubavitch has flourished in an unprecedented and extraordinary manner and continues to do so. From Shanghai to Kishinev, from Alaska to Zaire, the Rebbe's shluchim (emissaries) and their families continue to realise the Rebbe's foremost objective: to bring the joy and celebration of Judaism to each and every Jew, and thereby to the entire world. The ultimate goal of Judaism is the heralding of an era of goodness and kindness that is the days of Moshiach.

     What is a Chabad House? 

Have you ever spent one or two hours in a Shul, then left feeling that no one had even realised you had been there?

Well, at a Chabad House that just doesn’t happen. The uniqueness of a Chabad House lies in its informal and haimish atmosphere. It is a place where all the participants feel involved and where services are pleasant, meaningful and do not drag on.

A Chabad House is a place where every Jewish man, woman, boy and girl is warmly welcomed regardless of their Jewish background. No one is judged by their level of observance or knowledge of Judaism; rather they are simply respected for who they are.

Chabad gives all Jews the opportunity to identify more with their heritage and to enjoy the many beautiful customs and traditions of our faith. The focus is always on the joys of being Jewish.


 More than just a Shul, Chabad offers a broad range of services and programs. These include: Shabbatton dinners, lectures and shiurim, Bar/Batmitzvah programs, Jewish Festival programs, Jewish calendars, Rabbinical services and counselling, hospital visiting, home visiting, Jewish Lending Library, day schools, after school Hebrew classes, childcare and pre-school centres, women’s groups, teenager’s groups, children’s activities, social clubs and more.





Committee Members of Chabad Glen Eira

Rabbi Menachem Mendel (Mendy) Groner – Secretary

Mr Hillel Kahn– Chairman

Mrs Esther Groner – Member of Committee

Mr David Felbel – Member of Committee

Mr Greg Lowe - Member of Committee

Rabbi Sholom Ber Engel -  Member of Committee


Directors of Chabad Glen Eira

Rabbi Mendy & Esther Malka Groner 


Youth Directors of Chabad Glen Eira

Rabbi Moshe & Chana Loebenstein