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Chabad Glen Eira is committed to safeguarding children and young people in its care. As part of this commitment, we have developed practice and behaviour guidelines for our organisation, and these are approved and endorsed by our board.

All our ‘involved’ personnel, from our board and senior managers to casual employees and volunteers, are required to observe our Code of Conduct.

Management considers a failure to observe our guidelines to be misconduct, and will result in appropriate disciplinary action. Depending on the seriousness of the misconduct, disciplinary action may include suspension while matters are investigated and/or dismissal. In addition to any internal disciplinary proceedings, any breaches of law will be reported to the police.


A few years ago, Chabad Glen Eira who are wholly committed to the safety & protection of all our children & young people attending our services, commenced the journey on studying and implementing the “Seven Safeguarding Children Accreditation Standards” required by the ACF. After many workshops, sessions, creating & fine-tuning policies, training of staff & implementation of the standards on a daily basis, we were audited and we met all the standards. Chabad Glen Eira then went through an interview with the ACF panel after which we were granted accreditation. The accreditation is an ongoing process, assessed annually and improving continuously.